Dannaal.com Keyword Research

Each Detailed Keyword Report I Deliver Contains:

  • Google Ranking Difficulty (Organic)
  • Local/Global Monthly Searches (Organic)
  • Google Page #1 Positions Keywords In URLs (Organic)
  • Google Page #1 Keywords in Titles (Organic)
  • Google Page #1 Positions 1-5 Root Domain Authority (Organic)
  • Google Page #1 Positions 1-5 Page Authority (Organic)
  • Google Page #1 Positions 1-5 Estimated Monthly Clicks (Organic)
  • Daily/Monthly Cost (AdWords Exact and Broad)
  • CPC (AdWords Exact and Broad)
  • Keyword CTR (AdWords Exact)
  • Advertisers (AdWords Number of Advertisers for KW Last 3 Months)

*It’s not possible for any service (not even Google) to provide pinpoint accurate numbers so the information provided in all reports is based off approximate numbers from multiple sources including Google.

Providing Competition Crushing Keywords That Won't Crush Your Budget!

Keywords Can Help Your Content and Ads Take Flight

Keywords Help Ads

Listen, getting to the first page of Google isn’t rocket science, but it does take hard work, and that goes for ranking content or getting favorable ad positions.

However, there are certain things one can do help ease the potential workload.

One of these goes without saying; providing potential customers who are using Google with unique, informative, and engaging content and ads.

But before that Google loving content or those high converting AdWords ads are created you need to have some awesome keywords to center the content and ads around.

After all, you can’t get to the first page of Google without keywords. And if you’re not on the first page then chances are you’re not going to be getting a lot of traffic, and no traffic means no sales.

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